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Physiotherapy Options

Please see the listed treatment length and rates below.

Pelvic Floor Assessment 

60 min, $135

Pelvic Floor Treatment 

45min, $120

Physiotherapy Assessment

45min, $105

(In Person or Telehealth)

Physiotherapy Treatment

30min, $90

(In Person or Telehealth)

 Babies are welcome at appointments.

Group Physiotherapy

(covered by some insurance plans)

60min, $24


Jessica Bergevin, PT

Registered Physiotherapist

Jessica's Physiotherapy treatment approach is a blend of hands-on therapy, therapeutic exercise, and understanding the biopsychosocial components of each individual.  She believes in achieving optimal health and wellness for her patients. 

As the mother of two young girls, she personally understands the physiological changes that occur in pregnancy and after labour and delivery. Jessica is an excellent resource in exploring the best treatment approach during pregnancy and after baby. She is proud to offer Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and advocates for the advancement of women's health in Canada. Jessica is currently completing a Doctor of Science in Rehabilitation and Health Leadership through Queen's University with the goal of improving prenatal care here in Nova Scotia. 

Preventing and treating osteoarthritis, improving symptoms caused by postural dysfunction, resolving neck and back pain, and providing both prenatal care and post-partum rehabilitation and are some of her passions. Jessica has over ten years experience teaching Pilates and evidence-based exercise.

Jessica is avidly involved in the athletic community and enjoys court and beach volleyball, tennis, skating, running, and snowboarding. She has experience in paediatrics and coaching, including the neuromuscular population. With advanced training in running injuries, she can provide expert knowledge on injury prevention and guide a safe return to sport. Apart from sport, Jessica is an edible gardening enthusiast and identifies as a botanical person. 


Through post-graduate advanced training in pain science, pelvic health, diastasis rectii (abdominal wall separation), and sports injuries, Jessica has a vast knowledge base and skillset to help you along your health and wellness journey.

Jessica is available at her home clinic for Physiotherapy and Pelvic Floor assessments and treatments, as well as individual or small group Pilates sessions.

Degrees, Certifications, Memberships:

Doctorate of Science in Rehabilitation and Health Leadership (2020-2023)
Masters in Physiotherapy, Queen’s (2011)

BSc Kinesiology, Dalhousie (2009)
Member of Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Registered with NS College of Physiotherapy

Certified Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Bellies Inc. Certification in Diastasis Recti
Prevention and Treatment of Running Injuries
Kinesiotaping Certification

Professional Roles

Women's Health Division - Education Lead

(Canadian Physiotherapy Association)​

Jodi Bremner, PT
Registered Physiotherapist

Jodi is a Physiotherapist who has worked in both inpatients and outpatients with Nova Scotia Health and loves to lead exercise classes. Jodi has always been interested in pursuing a specialty in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, which was further reinforced during her first pregnancy. After her son was born, Jodi advanced her pelvic health knowledge and skillset significantly. Jodi has completed training in non-internal pelvic floor physiotherapy, preparation for and recovery from cesarean birth, internal female urinary incontinence and Clinical Pilates.


Jodi has been shadowing Jessica in the clinic since February 2022 and is thrilled to be accepting new Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy assessments. She is currently taking appointments to treat female urinary incontinence (bladder leakage)  - whether it is leakage due to pregnancy/postpartum, weakened/overactive pelvic floor musculature, urgency, or stress (coughing, jumping, sneezing, etc.), Jodi can help! 

Birth preparation for, and recovery from, cesarean sections is another area of expertise and passion that Jodi has to offer. 

Jodi is available for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy assessments and treatments, including evening appointment options. 

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